Script Frenzied on Day2

Finished my second day of doing script frenzy. I’m feeling good at the moment. These last 2 days I’ve gone to bed earlier and I’m waking up earlier by an hour and a half. I’ve been utilizing what would have been an hour and a half of tv watching and turned it into and hour of waking up and doing a few things and then 2 hours of writing. (leaves me an hour to relax before work).

I’m at 11 pages. However I know this is the easy point. Setting up a story is one of the easier parts of story writing. All the way up to the inciting incident at page 20ish it flows pretty easy. I even do good with ACT 2A the first half of the fun and games. The point I always struggle with is ACT 2B. If I can muster past that I can finish the story, because endings are the other fun part to write. So I expect script frenzy to be fairly easy to keep pace with up until about April 20th or so. I’m dreading it all ready. The ACT 2B monster.


Script Frenzy

If anything can pull me out of my funk and get me writing again this has to be it. I really need a challenge to force me to do it. is a challenge to write 100 pages in 30 days over the month of April.

In the time I’ve been not writing I’ve still been saving lines I come up with and plot ideas. My count now is I have 23 unwritten movie ideas. I have years of writing ahead of me and I really honestly do want to write all of these stories. I just need something, I don’t know what, to inspire me. So hopefully I can use script frenzy as a springboard. I need something.

Film School

I’ve kind of given myself some deadlines to get where I want in life.
I’m trying to make something happen with a movie/writing career. I had decided that if after 08/2012 I hadn’t sold anything, or it seemed like it just wasn’t happening I’d go to my backup dream, which is to move overseas.

I’m saving money and by that time I should I have over $10K saved. I’ve had this idea in the back of my head that with that stack of cash, I should forgoe moving overseas and go to film school. The toughest thing about moving overseas is getting permission to stay more than 3 months. Getting a VISA seems really daunting and next to impossible. It’s one of those things I find crazy about society. Governments in countries all over the world make decisions about who is allowed to be on their land. Like because you were born somewhere you have any more entitlement to it that anyone else. I realize societies are built and taxes collected, so people have rights to how their money is being spent. It’s just bizarre to me, when the birds fly south for the winter they don’t get deported. If a deer crosses the border into Germany for 7 months, they don’t make it go back to the country it was born in. But a human, no it must leave.
Sorry… sidetracked. Anyhoo…

So I was just thinking, what if I moved abroad to go to film school. I’m continuing my dream of working in film, but also fulfilling the dream to live a broad. I’m starting to research schools. I wonder if I can make it work.

one more day I think

I’m basically done with re-reading and cleaning things up. It’s funny how things change every time you re-read your work. Going through again, so many places dialogue sounded like something no one would ever say. I wonder if it ever will get to a point where sometime later I wouldn’t want to change phrasings.
I cut out two smaller transitional scenes that for some reason I though needed to be part of the story, btu after taking them out it’s kind of clear they were unnecessary and didn’t drive the story. I’ve added some new jokes that I think are pretty good. It’s funny in some places I totally changed the tone of the scene and it still fits into the plot. Writing is a fun challenge.
The goal is tomorrow to spend a couple hours banging out the new ending.
I also feel like I need a new synopsis, and to work on the logline too.
The work is never done, just abandoned.


I didn’t meet my self imposed Jan 1 deadline. However I’m getting closer to a draft I’m pretty happy with for 5 celebs. I’m going through making another pass at it. The beginning is much better and I’ve tightened up some dialogue as I’m re-reading again. I’m like 70% through the re-read and just need to change the ending.

I’m feeling good about my projects again and ready to give them the attention they need. I have a lot of stories I want to tell.

A little more

I didn’t do as much work as originally intended, but I am making progress. I re-wrote the start of 5 Celebs and cleaned up a few pieces. I spent about 2 and a half hours on it this morning. I feel good about the progress and I’m confident that I’ll have a draft I’m ready to market by the 1st of January.

I still need to re-write the ending completely. I think it’s going to equal about 10 pages of new material.
It’s kind fo funny the process. The original draft was 115 pages. I cleaned wording up to get it to 110. Took out massive chunks of it and got it down to 96. Added new parts to get it to 100. Now 6 months later I’m tearing out a bunch of stuff and adding to it again. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get back to 115ish where it initially started. (and then need to find 15 pages to lose as it’s a romcom). What they say is really true. It’s never done, it’s just abandoned.

Alright. Done blogging for now. Going to spend an hour working on my beat sheet for Stockholm Syndrome.

More outlining

I’ve made a lot of progress on outlining Stockholm Syndrome tonight.
I’m really feeling like I’ve got a mostly complete story here. Some small details are sketchy and in broad strokes, but I have the semblance of a great story with a few blow you away twists.
I’m not sure if I’m writing a screenplay or a novel. I can fill my plot lines into a 4 act structure, but there is a lot of detail to fit in 30 pages for each act.

I’ll figure it out I guess. At the gym today I really need to think of the details for the short film idea I have too. I know what I need to do at certain points, for the story, but need to figure out how to get there. Example: I need something that seems innocuous or that could be just funny, but later is used as an attempt to get out of peril.
Maybe like somebody playing like they are using salad tongs as a fighting tool jokingly, but later they are tried to use to defend against a real weapon.
I wish I was clever, it would make writing much easier.