Well, at this point I most assuredly will be losing script frenzy. Having finished my writing for today and about to start work soon, and tomorrow having a chore to do that will stop me from writing. I’m done. 69 pages is what I’ve been able to do.

If I’m honest, out of the 30 days this month I worked on this script only 20 of them. I could have done it, but ultimately didn’t. There is always next year though. I am proud of what I have accomplished though.

Up until this point I had not really done any writing for about 10 months. I had myself convinced that with my job I didn’t have enough time and was too tired all the time from work to do it. This challenge has proved me wrong. This whole 10 months of doing nothing I could have been churning out a new screenplay every 2 months. All I had to do was go to bed earlier in the day and wake up an hour and a half earlier.

I think I’m definitely going to continue this process and keep up the writing schedule.


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