a little progress

Still behind in script frenzy. At day 20 we should be at 66 pages. I’m at 47. It’s still do-able. 10 days to write 53 pages. That’s 5.3 a day.
I’m starting to struggle with some plot points and I fear my act 2a is too short, I started moving into actb about 4-5 pages too early. If I move through 2b too fast and start act 3 too early I’m fucked. I don’t really think my third act is going to be able to streatch to cover a 4th of my screenplay. I’m having serious doubts that this screenplay gets to 100 pages. I’m seeing it more realisticaly being a 90 min film and that’s what it’s on pace to be at the moment.

I guess the real goal of screnzy is that you write 100 pages in the month, not necessarily that they are all the same story. I suppose I could use the opportunity to get back to finishing Senior Weekend script. Which is what I was going to do anyhow after screnzy.

After that I think I’m going to write a short film, and then move on to what I think is going to be my best story yet Stockholm Syndrome.


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