i’m the worst

My winning script frenzy is not looking good (you win if you do the 100 pages in the 30 days).
I’m at 18 pages when I should be closer to 40.
Last week I just couldn’t make myself write. Monday I took off because I knew I had 3 days of writing time to work with the next few days. Tues/Wed/Thurs when I have long 8 hour blocks I could have been writing I did 0 pages. Then Friday right as I was about to start I got a phone call and had to leave to run an errand with my stepmom. So I lost 5 days of writing. Today I just caught up 5 pages of it to get me to 18.

I’m really going to have to bust ass from this point forward. Ideally I’d like to be back on track by the 15th, the midway point of 50 pages.

The story overall I think is coming along pretty good. I like the start and think I have some pretty good scenes. I think one of my best one liners falls in a scene where my main character a 12 year old boy named Brandon is being interrogated by his parents before being allowed to spend the night at a friends. It’s implied that they grill him a lot and he asks how long they are going to keep doing this before just trusting him. The dad says, “Just until you’re married and then it will be your wife’s job.” I think that is a cute moment from the first 10 pages.

I’ll try to share another scene in the next blog.


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