Script Frenzied on Day2

Finished my second day of doing script frenzy. I’m feeling good at the moment. These last 2 days I’ve gone to bed earlier and I’m waking up earlier by an hour and a half. I’ve been utilizing what would have been an hour and a half of tv watching and turned it into and hour of waking up and doing a few things and then 2 hours of writing. (leaves me an hour to relax before work).

I’m at 11 pages. However I know this is the easy point. Setting up a story is one of the easier parts of story writing. All the way up to the inciting incident at page 20ish it flows pretty easy. I even do good with ACT 2A the first half of the fun and games. The point I always struggle with is ACT 2B. If I can muster past that I can finish the story, because endings are the other fun part to write. So I expect script frenzy to be fairly easy to keep pace with up until about April 20th or so. I’m dreading it all ready. The ACT 2B monster.


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