Film School

I’ve kind of given myself some deadlines to get where I want in life.
I’m trying to make something happen with a movie/writing career. I had decided that if after 08/2012 I hadn’t sold anything, or it seemed like it just wasn’t happening I’d go to my backup dream, which is to move overseas.

I’m saving money and by that time I should I have over $10K saved. I’ve had this idea in the back of my head that with that stack of cash, I should forgoe moving overseas and go to film school. The toughest thing about moving overseas is getting permission to stay more than 3 months. Getting a VISA seems really daunting and next to impossible. It’s one of those things I find crazy about society. Governments in countries all over the world make decisions about who is allowed to be on their land. Like because you were born somewhere you have any more entitlement to it that anyone else. I realize societies are built and taxes collected, so people have rights to how their money is being spent. It’s just bizarre to me, when the birds fly south for the winter they don’t get deported. If a deer crosses the border into Germany for 7 months, they don’t make it go back to the country it was born in. But a human, no it must leave.
Sorry… sidetracked. Anyhoo…

So I was just thinking, what if I moved abroad to go to film school. I’m continuing my dream of working in film, but also fulfilling the dream to live a broad. I’m starting to research schools. I wonder if I can make it work.


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