one more day I think

I’m basically done with re-reading and cleaning things up. It’s funny how things change every time you re-read your work. Going through again, so many places dialogue sounded like something no one would ever say. I wonder if it ever will get to a point where sometime later I wouldn’t want to change phrasings.
I cut out two smaller transitional scenes that for some reason I though needed to be part of the story, btu after taking them out it’s kind of clear they were unnecessary and didn’t drive the story. I’ve added some new jokes that I think are pretty good. It’s funny in some places I totally changed the tone of the scene and it still fits into the plot. Writing is a fun challenge.
The goal is tomorrow to spend a couple hours banging out the new ending.
I also feel like I need a new synopsis, and to work on the logline too.
The work is never done, just abandoned.


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