A little more

I didn’t do as much work as originally intended, but I am making progress. I re-wrote the start of 5 Celebs and cleaned up a few pieces. I spent about 2 and a half hours on it this morning. I feel good about the progress and I’m confident that I’ll have a draft I’m ready to market by the 1st of January.

I still need to re-write the ending completely. I think it’s going to equal about 10 pages of new material.
It’s kind fo funny the process. The original draft was 115 pages. I cleaned wording up to get it to 110. Took out massive chunks of it and got it down to 96. Added new parts to get it to 100. Now 6 months later I’m tearing out a bunch of stuff and adding to it again. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get back to 115ish where it initially started. (and then need to find 15 pages to lose as it’s a romcom). What they say is really true. It’s never done, it’s just abandoned.

Alright. Done blogging for now. Going to spend an hour working on my beat sheet for Stockholm Syndrome.


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