What? I haven’t posted in months? That doesn’t sound like me.

I’ve been having a really hard time getting motivated to do much of anything these last few months.
The screenplay I was working on I’m just really not happy with. It is truly a vomit draft. I’m going to start working on pushing through and finishing the god awful thing so I can then work on rewriting it.

Last night I started working on the outline for a short film idea. Also, going to start outlining the story I want to do after that.

#4 on the list, working on rewrites on 5 Celebs and going to start marketing it sending out query letters and putting it on inktip. That I intend to complete by the close of the year. So it will only be a 22 month process from idea to a draft I feel is good enough to sell.

I’m starting to feel good and get back into this.


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