More outlining

I’ve made a lot of progress on outlining Stockholm Syndrome tonight.
I’m really feeling like I’ve got a mostly complete story here. Some small details are sketchy and in broad strokes, but I have the semblance of a great story with a few blow you away twists.
I’m not sure if I’m writing a screenplay or a novel. I can fill my plot lines into a 4 act structure, but there is a lot of detail to fit in 30 pages for each act.

I’ll figure it out I guess. At the gym today I really need to think of the details for the short film idea I have too. I know what I need to do at certain points, for the story, but need to figure out how to get there. Example: I need something that seems innocuous or that could be just funny, but later is used as an attempt to get out of peril.
Maybe like somebody playing like they are using salad tongs as a fighting tool jokingly, but later they are tried to use to defend against a real weapon.
I wish I was clever, it would make writing much easier.


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