month off

After taking a little over a month off I’m back. I got busy with a real life job that actually pays money as opposed to being unemployed and writing on spec. To clarify, a computer support job, not a writing job. (I wish I had a tv writing job)

In this month off I went to a wedding across the state, flew to San Diego for a week of training at the new job. Now back home I’m settling into the new job and getting used to being at a desk 8 hours a day. I think working from home makes writing a lot harder. It’s hard to be at my desk for 8 hours, then be off of work and still sit at that desk. I’m going to have to use the laptop in the living room, or something to switch it up.

While I was off I’ve come up with some good fixes for the 5 celebs script. I think having it sit in the desk drawer for a few months has given me time to see the problems better. I’d like to work on rewriting and polishing this after I finish up Senior Weekend. I might not focus on Senior Weekend rewrites as soon now. I’m thinking I should let it marinate and jump right/write into Stockholm Syndrome.

Contests, at first I was depressed about not advancing in any screenplay competitions. I now realize, it wasn’t ready. I’m over it. I think I’m going to try 5 Celebs in a couple film festivals after the polish and see what happens. The one I’m sure of is the Omaha Film Festival. In a hometown boy makes good type of story, I want to do well there. Plus Dana Altman is involved in OFF, and he got Lovely Still made which is another romantic story that is a little funny. The idea is to submit to prodcos that work the genre, North Seas films relationship with OFF is a big plus for submitting here too.


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