between 25 and 30

I’m feeling pretty good about this TV pilot I’m writing. I’m at page 20 and a half with 3 more scenes to write. I’m pretty confident about being on deadline. I think I have it pretty tight, so maybe I don’t need as much revision time as I thought. I have to say this was fun to try, writing 3 ACTS in this short of page count. It’s kind of a fun challenge trying something new.

Hopefully the people at FOX enjoy it. Usually if you’ve not been a TV show writer they don’t recommend writing pilots. They recommend you write and episode for a show you like and send it to a different show in the same genre as an example that you can write that style. They also say if you write an original series to write the second episode rather than the pilot because the pilot is usually to heavy with character introductions and finding out who they are.

I think something that I did well in this is space out character introductions and give examples of who they are in their dialogue and mannerisms. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty proud of how this is coming along.


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