Today it has been hard to work. I’m having too many interruptions. My stepmom’s dog was sick so I had to help her and take him to the vet, not giving me enough time to work this morning, and then sucking up part of the afternoon.
I spent 2 hours writing and I’ve added another 4 pages, so my pilot is up to 15 pages now.
I had planned on working this evening, but also last minute she told me about this cancer charity thing tonight where she is speaking and would like me to attend.

I’m hoping between Sunday and Monday I can get this to a point where I’m happy with it. They suggest 25-35 pages, so I’d like to be about in the middle. Worst case I know I can get to 25 with no issue. Getting 30 might be hard though. I’m frustrated because I definitely want to put out my best product, I don’t want bad versions as examples of my work floating around. It’d be different if I was writing for just fun, but I want this to be a real job.


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