10 pages

Today was a big writing day for me, and it will have to continue through the weekend. I did my 3 pages like I was supposed to for senior weekend. Plus doing double duty on my pilot for FOX NY’s contest. I did 7 pages of that. So I’m at page 11 of it now. I need to be between 25-35 pages for a 22 minute sitcom. So I need to bust balls to get this done by deadline which is 11am Tuesday morning. I generally write about 3 pages every 2 hours. So that means I have 14 more hours of writing to get a first draft done.

The thing that is tough is that writing drains me. Even though you have an outline and a semblance of a story. Dialogue is still an on the spot thing you write and being creative for me can be mentally draining. I think so far I have the start of a pretty entertaining and funny sitcom draft. I’m hoping I can get it done by Sunday so that I have Monday, and then Tuesday morning to rewrite and tighten it.

It’s kind of fun to challenge myself and see what I can do.


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