I’m back

It’s been awhile since I posted, and the reason for that is I have not been writing. I’ve had trouble motivating myself to work. It’s been a little over two weeks since I’ve written with any regularity.

This week I feel like I’ve got it back a little. I’ve started having a bunch of new ideas, my creativity has just sparked again. Maybe I needed a break. I also notice that it was around the same point where I stalled with my last screenplay. Maybe mid 2nd ACT is where I hit a wall and need to push through.

I’ve written 3.5 pages today and I think I might keep going a little more tonight.
I’m also pretty inspired to attempt a writing a sitcom. The timing is apropo because it 11 days FOX NYC is having a sitcom writing competition. So I might be pulling a little bit of double duty trying to write 30 pages of sitcom in 10 days while keeping up with my feature writing schedule. If I had a job it would be like doing overtime I guess.

My sitcom is based on a little bit of my personal life. It’s called Hank the Dog. It’s about a guy whose father dies and leaves behind an unruly dog that he takes in. That’s not the whole story, but the dog is the catalyst in each story. I’m excited to write it because I’ve come up with several scenes and some funny dialogue.

So yeah. I’ve been off for two weeks, but I think Stella …err Kevin got his groove back.


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