Lately I’ve posted some dreams I’ve been having on my Facebook account.  I thought for funsies I’d copy the posts here for a look into my subconscious.  My dreams suggest lately I’m doing a lot of worrying.  I find it’s interesting because a lot of times my scene and movie ideas come from something in a dream.  Side note: Video blog hopefully going up today.  and now my weird dreams…

FB Post 05/08/2010
I took a nap and dreamt that birds are plotting against me.

FB Post 05/11/2010
I took a nap bc I didn’t sleep well last night, I was tired. I had a dream that I ate contaminated raw chicken and needed to make myself throw up. I was able to. What an unpleasant way to wake up.

FRIEND: What is it with these bizarre dreams of your lately? If you still lived in Ft Worth, I’d let you borrow my small collection of dream dictionaries.

KEVIN: I don’t think they are too hard to figure out. Malevolent birds consipiring against me, ingesting something contaminated/poisoned. All of it is related to the difficulties of finding a job. -Okay subconcious, how do I purge feeling like my work history has poisoned me and the world is conspiring against me finding work?
FB post 5/21/2010
Back to having messed up dreams again, in last nights episode:  I’m camping/sleeping in a ravine in the woods at night.  Some cars enter the area above me.  A lady backs her car up trying to park along the tree line, but goes over the edge.  The car topples end over end and I see it coming, but I can’t make myself move.  The car stops a couple feet short of crushing me.   – If I were to interpret this one, I’d say my subconscious thinks women are bad drivers.   Maybe about… isolation, encroachment, and lack of control, but mostly I think women can’t drive.


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