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I just wanted to make a quick update.  I’m not dead, I am still writing.  Although from the current page count you wouldn’t know it.  I did my job and wrote 4 pages today.  The bad news is I had not written anything for the 7 days prior.  I took Thursday as my off day with the intentions to write Friday and be off Saturday and Sunday.  Friday I had a temp IT job I was hired for and ended up being too tired to write after.  Saturday I promised to help my stepmom with clearing yard waste (4 truck loads).  Monday and Tuesday… I got an infection and was in too much pain to think about writing.

So here we are back at today.  4 pages.

I’m thinking about adding video content to this blog.  I’m thinking Monday and Thursday approaching some aspect of my writing.  I shot some video today, but getting it ready and posted is being kind of a hassle.  I got an editing program installed, but becuase my video is HD it can’t play more than just the audio and that is choppy, so I don’t know where to make cuts.  I’ll play around with editing software and maybe have my first video post tomorrow.  FUN!


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