nothing to say

Here’s the thing.  I don’t really have anything to say.  It’s been like a week since my last post.  Last week I wrote my pages Mon-Thurs.  Took of Fri-Sun.  This week I took off Mon and Tues, making it a 5 day weekend from writing.

I picked up again yesterday and will try to go every day the rest of the week and then take next Monday off.  The interesting challenge will be Friday because I actually have a contract tech job I’m doing that day.  It will be my chance to see if I could really work and keep up my writing too.

SP is going good.  I’m getting tot he point where I struggle to find my characters voices and get them down on paper, but when I do I think it’s gold.  The one thing I will say about this SP as opposed to the last one is that I think every page of this one is gold.  I’m into the 50’s now.  I think ending Sunday at 62 would be a good goal.  That would put me halfway done at the 6 week mark, with 6 weeks to go in my scheduled 3 month cycle for writing a story.


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