quarter done

I had a motivation problem again last week.  I worked Monday and Tuesday and then nothing the rest of the week.  I was really good at making excuses not to work.

Today I’m back at it, and the intent is to work every day this week.  I did my 3.5 pages today.  We are now sitting on page 35, so it’s a little over quarter done.  I’m shooting for 115-120 on this SP.

Maybe getting to page 50 is a good goal for this week.  It gives me something to really strive for.  That’s only 15 more pages over 6 days.  I think I could feel good about that.  I feel like I need a little confidence boost on this SP because I’m really not sure what I’m doing.  I really need to work on outlining for it.  I have a couple general ideas, but figuring out how to link things together is a btich and a half.


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