I worked on my outline more today.  It was helpful as it keeps me on track with what I’m writing about.  I went to a different library today because the Benson branch is closed on Mondays.  This other branch has a whole bunch of study rooms.  They are just little enclosed areas where you get like your own little office to work in.  The Benson branch has one and I haven’t used it yet.  It is a cool idea having my own little office.

I did get my three pages punched out today.  Tomorrow we’ll be on page 28.  So it’s moving right along.  I think this one will easily get to 115 maybe even 120.  I’m feeling really good about my writing lately, like really good. 

I’m starting to rethink having this set in New Jersey.  The reason was because I wanted to use a reference to the Jackson-White’s.  Although I think if I just lifted that story/history and dumped it in another state and called it something else no one would know any different.  I think that might be a change in re-writes.  The big issue with setting it in New Jersey is having it be accurate geographically.  There are too many urban areas that the Ramapo river goes by.  The first 15 miles runs along a turnpike for JC’s sake.


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