desk job

Yesterday got busy, so I didn’t get time to write.  I had an interview that morning, came back, got dog food, walked the dog, rested for an hour and then went to an OFF screening of “Peacock”.  Great film by the way.

I did go into the office today (library), and knocked out my 3 pages.  I’m starting to get into my second act and need to re-outline that so I’m prepared to start writing it.  I may do it tonight, or take tomorrow as my third off day for the week and work on outlining.  However I kind of want to put in 5 days this week.  Side note, I also think I’m going to read a few ensemble scripts to see how they write the introduction of so many characters.  I have at least 12 characters we are following in my story.  I need to make it coherent.


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