goal setting

I’ve decided to set myself some goals.  I feel like if I’m to make a real career of this I have to have deadlines and goals.  Just saying it’s what I want to do and going through the motions with no plan is stupid.

What I really want:  I’m a little unclear on this.  I think as I get more involved I will find it.  I’m interested several aspects of film work.  I like setting up cameras and photography, I like setting up scenes, I like editing.

My plan:

By August I will have my second screenplay done and I will have written 2 short films.

By the end of the year I will have in some capacity participated in the making of at least 1 film. 

By June 2011 I want to shoot one of my short films.

To accomplish these goals I will continue on my writing plan.  I will actively search for work on films.  I will start reading more books on making movies and jobs in film.  Hopefully this reading and on set work will help me plan my short film.


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