I spent the weekend on outlining my current story and working on character backgrounds.  It’s quite a process just because I have a large cast.  I think it’s getting there.  With all the prep work I almost think I might bang this one out quicker than the last one.  I feel like I know more of the story and it will be easier to write.

I found this site today where the idea was about what a movie would be like if you told it backwards.  http://unrealitymag.com/index.php/2009/09/01/watching-15-movies-backwards/

For fun and to spark my writing for today I had a go at it:

If you watch “The Proposal” backwards.  Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are on vacation together.  They know each other well and are in love.  Through the movie she falls less in love with him and forgets endearing things about him and his quirky family.  Finally the vacation is over and they are back to work and he learns he hates her because she’s such a bitch.


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