touching base

It’s been awhile since I did an update.  What’s new…

I ended up getting 35 people to read 5 Celebs, out of those I got 10 reviews.  About a week ago I started working on another set of re-writes to fix issues people had with the story or scenes.  I’m pretty much there except tightening up ACT III a little more and adding more detail.  At first draft it was at 114 pages.  It’s now sitting at 97, so much better.  I’m pretty happy with it overall.   It sucks having to cut some of the stuff you really like.  Editing is tough.  I had to throw away a bunch of dialogue I liked, but overall it makes the story better without it.

Tomorrow is the deadline for PAGE International and BlueCat screenplay competitions.    Those are the first two I’m putting it in.

Next projects.  I’m stalling out on the kidnapping movie and not just feeling it yet.    Having just written a romantic comedy I’m still in that mode.  I’m thinking about moving to my teen comedy idea next.  For a long time I was excited about the kidnapping movie, but now I’m kind of more excited and ready to do the other one.  I intend to start that one Friday.

Wish me luck with PAGE and Blue Cat.


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