infrequent updates

I’ve made no secret about it in the last few posts that I’m a little blocked.  I worked very little last week.  This week I’m working at least 6 hour days for rewrites on 5 Celebs.  I only have 8 days left until PAGE and BlueCat contest deadlines hit.  I’m busting balls to get this SP ready.  I’ve got a lot to fix based on reviews too.

After I wrap on the re-writes I believe I’m going to back off of the kidnapping SP for a bit and work on a teen comedy one.  I feel like it’s something that I have more together as far as plotline.  It feels weird though to work on that because that will be 4 partially written SP’s I’ll have at the same time.  It might end up just being the way I work.  40 pages of this one, move to the next couple, come back to it, at the end I have 4 of them all ready at the same time.

Yeah right!  Wishful thinking.


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