film festival

This last week for part of my job as a screenwriter I’ve been going to the Omaha Film Festival.  I feel it’s important to see what the independant film scene is like as well as listen to people who actually make films and try to learn what they do.  Over the last week I’ve seen about 2o shorts and 7 features, I’m starting to get movied out.  Only 3 more days of the festival left now.  Tonight I’m seeing a short film block, and then another feature.  I’m debating on if I’ll go to a party they are having afterwards.  I’ve been waking up early for the last few weeks, so staying up late is wearing me out.

Actual work stuff…  With the film festival I haven’t been doing my normal routine of watching something in the genre I’m writing for inspiration.  With an example of yesterday I spent 5 hours sitting and watching things at the festival, I can’t imagine doing the same at home.  Speaking of yesterday I wrote the first few pages of an idea I’ve had for awhile for a short film.

Every day I’ve been doing coverage on a screenplay for a guy on Zoetrope.  He read mine, so I’m returning the favor.  Speaking of those, I’m up to 8 reviews of 5 Celebs now.  It’s a really mixed bag.  Everyone says it’s funny (one actually said it was the funniest thing he’s ever read on Zoetrope) and they love my characters however they don’t like lots of the plot.  A couple have suggested a completely new direction.  I’m torn because it completely strays from the basic premise, that the story is based on.   I’ve got good notes from the reviews, so I’ll start tinkering with it next week.

Last thing…  I’m starting to get pretty nervous about my paychecks for writing coming to an end (AKA unemployment).  I’ve got 2 more checks coming, 2 weeks left.  That means I have to get back into the 9-5 world.  I’m worried about how it will affect writing.  After 9 hours at a job will I be able to spend 2-3 hrs writing.  Like most writers I spend 6-7 hours procrastinating and then 2-3 actually writing.  Will I be able to work without my 6-7 hours of procrastinating?  Every day I’m starting to feel more and more like this is what I’m supposed to be doing, I’m scared to lose it.


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