Yesterday the plan was to start doing research for the next screenplay and do an outline.  I got a lot of good information in my research.  There is still a lot to learn though.  A crime thriller is going to be a fun challenge to write.  I’m not a cop, so I don’t know how detective work is done.  I’m not a criminal, so I don’t know ways to avoid getting caught either.  I’m basing everything on three cool and I think unique takes on how something could be done and why it would be done.   

Like most things I do I think it’s just a fun challenge to see if I’m capable of doing it.  I know flashbacks are frowned upon a lot, but I think this will also be one of those tales that as a story device it works.  My intro has my protagonist sitting in the desert in a pool blood crying.  The story spins back from there.

Today I have a headache and decided I’m not doing shit because of it.  I just wanted to throw up a quick blog.


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