WGA registration

I took off from working Wednesday.   Today I finshed up the last 30 pages of second re-writes.  This time I had the screenplay printed and went through it with a red pen.  Tonight I started going through and making the changes.

I’m trying, but it’s hard to get it there.  At page 40 and I’ve only got rid of about a page and a half.  I know there’s about 4 pages I decided later to just cut completely.  I’m still going to be fighting to get it under 100 pages.  I’d really like it in the low 90’s. 

I’m not entirely happy with how quick the ending happens either.  I feel like a comedian getting the flashlight and I have to wrap it up.  It all comes together in the last 2 1/2 pages.  It feels too quick.  The return to normalcy isn’t long enough.  I think I’m going to have to really sacrifice some of the scenes that I think establish characters.  I will admit some may be redundant and I’m saying the same thing twice.

I’m going to register it with the WGA tomorrow and put it up on Zoetrope.  Hopefully I’ll get some good advice on things.


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