reading books

I’ve been reading books to work on my rewrite.

I finished Chitlik’s “rewrite” yesterday.  I have a bunch of notes from it, it was really helpful.  I also read “How not to write a screenplay”  out off the couple hundred pages I found maybe 2 helpful things I didn’t know already.  That one was a waste of money. 

Since I’m going to be writing another screenplay I decided to also buy “How to write a screenplay in 21 days”.  That one I didn’t read too much into.  After reading her 21 day outline I call bullshit on that one.  In her model you have a rough draft written in 7 days and you’ve worked less than 3 hours a day and you’ll do 15 pages.

With my goal of 3 pages a day 4 days a week there were some days that 3 pages took me  2 hours.  I can’t imagine being able to author 15 pages a day unless you already have the complete movie in your head already.  If you have to research any info, or come up with transitional scenes you’re fucked.  I assume those 14 days of rewrites you must be really intense and where the story comes together.  I can’t imagine how you can write a decent story that quick.

I’m waiting on 2 more books to come in the mail, “Save the Cat”, and “The Screenwriters Bible”.  I’m hoping for more guidance from them.  Although I’ve gleaned a lot of good info from Chitlik’s book.

Today I’m working based off my notes from re-write and going through making a second revision to the screenplay.  I’m working hard at this, and I’m going to let things marinate and keep working until the 25th.  Then I’m going to register and copyright the work.  I plan on entering it in 2 contests at the end of the month.  One I have until the 28th to submit, the other I have until mid March I think.


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