So far the first day of re-writes went good.  Last night I started reading a book by Paul Chitlik called “rewrite”.  I learned quite a bit in the first 25 pages of a structure I should be following and questions to ask myself about characters and stuff.  It’s cool.

Today I chopped some things up and cleaned up wording on the first 23 scenes.  I clarified character names and fixed up descriptions.  My SP was riddled with parentheticals that I’m removing.  If you’re character goals and characteristics are clear then the dialogue should speak for itself.  So I’m trying to reign in the actor directions.

I’m feeling really good.  I started looking into SP contests and I think there are two I’m going to enter that have submission deadlines at the end of this month.  So I really need to push and work hard on re-writes to be ready.

This is exciting!


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