Plugging along

I’ve been bad about updating this week. Monday and Tuesday I was pretty unmotivated. I’m taking those as my off days for the week.  I’m so close to the end of this screenplay I can taste it.  For some reason the end, even though I know how I want to wrap it up is becomming the hardest to write.

Yesterday I put out 2 1/2 pages.  Today I’m going to shoot for another 3.  Not sure if I will take of Friday or one of the weekend days.  I’m kind of tempted to keep working just because it’s so close to being done.  We are officially at page 100 now.  I don’t see it getting past the teens, and in rewrites I’d like to take it back down to the 90’s.

I just need to stay motivated.  I have a funny side story.  I don’t eat chinee food very often.  Maybe like 4 times a year.  About 3 years ago I got a fortune cookie that read, “You could prosper in a few years in the field of entertainment.”  Last Sunday night I went for chinese food and my cookie’s fortune was, “You will soon be in the limelight.”  Kind of eerie.  3 years ago I get one saying I could be in entertainment in a few years, I’m now writing a screenplay.  As soon as I’m within a few pages of finishing I get one saying I’m going to be noticed soon.  Weirdsville man!


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