It’s been a couple days.

Friday I ended up not writing, but had a lot of good ideas.  I though that taking the dog for a walk would be one of those moments I could think of some things, but nothing came.  Grocery shopping nada.  I had a new idea for a character after watching a tv show called Ghost Adventures.  It was just another idea to add to my book of scene ideas.  That is until at night I was driving to the gym for a hot tub soak and genius struck me.  I was thinking of using it for a piece of flash fiction, but then I thought of a way to use 3 other scene ideas I had with it.  I think there is enough there to create a feature out of a it.

Saturday I wrote 2 1/2 pages.  I debated doing more, but decided to cut myself some slack and decided it was close enough to 3 pages.  Maybe I’ll do more than 3 today to make up for it.


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