I’ve just had my eyes opened to a few new problems with my screenplay.  On Zoetrope one of the topics on the discussion board today was first pages.  What are your turnons and turnoffs.  I said I was turned off when I didn’t get to know a character enough to get their voice.  Turn on was a scene interesting enough if I were walking by and could see the scene would I stop and watch for a minute.

I looked at my page 1.  It’s a big turnoff.  Just a sea of text setting up the dinner part starting the movie.  Next issue I noticed one of my characters changed quite a bit in th script.  I see him one way early and he’s totally different later.  I re-read the first 18 pages and overall I like my script it just has issues that need edited.

I wrote my 3 pages this morning.  This afternoon I’m going to work on a nother fiction piece I started a couple weeks ago.  I’m thinking I may come back like 930pm tonight and work more on the screenplay.  I feel the end so close I can taste it.


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