Another week done

I met my goal for the week.  I wrote at least 3 pages a day for 4 days.  I was almost thinking I might not do it.  Friday had me thinking I would not hold myself accountable for doing my job.

So here we are now on page 88.  About 1/3 of the way through my 3rd act.  I’m really interested to see how quickly I’m able to put a ribbon on things.  I was shooting for 110, so that leaves me less than 22 pages.  Writing a screenplay should be an interesting learning process.  I think there is a good chance of me overshooting the 110 and then I have to see what I can remove in re-writes.

FUCK!!! That reminds me I have some early scenes that I did not finish because I didn’t know how to do them so I just wrote INCOMPLETE.  So I have probably more like 18 pages to wrap the story in.

I really feel like I should write more tonight, but I also want to stick to the 3/4 routine so as not to get burnt out.  Perhaps Monday which I’ve normally been taking off will be a work day.


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