4 more pages hot off the press

Yesterday malaise caught me again and I decided to make it an off day.  Which means I have to work today and Sunday.  It’s kind of funny.  I like working on the weekends because there is no tv that I want to watch and less distractions in general.

Today I wrote another 4 pages which puts us on page 86.  However some of todays work I think I’m going to have to bump back further in the script.  It just feels like I’m doing this part to earlier where it can add more to later hurdles for my antagonist.  The place I really struggle lately is these transitional scenes that get me from A to B.  I keep wondering if I should write these scenes if they aren’t 100% and I’m not sure where they are going.

I think i got my answer the other day listening to an episode of Create Screenwriting Podcast.  Jeff was interviewing Michael Hoffman who wrote the Last Station.  Jeff always asks writers how they fight writers block.  Hoffman said he battles it with writing.  He will just write something, anything whether it’s good or not.  Sometimes it’s okay, and if it’s not it always gets better as he goes back through an revises it, and what seems like a throw away scene can become good or at least passable.

That seems a good goal for my first screenplay.  Passable.


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