I did my 3 pages yesterday and read about 60 pages of someone’s screenplay.

I’ve decided to give myself a daily plan and weekly set of goals.  They include keeping up with online industry magazines, watching movies in the genre I’m writing, and reading screenplays of others.  I think all of these are things that can only help me with my craft, so I’m going to try it for awhile.  Hopefully it will also keep me focused and not taking so many breaks.

I’m having a little trouble planning my day today.  I have a phone interview for a job today.  Non-writing job that is.  I want to be focused and ready for it.  I also don’t want to get pulled away from what I’m writing either.  My prime writing hours are usually 11a-2p, 5-8p, or 9-11p.  Somehow I’m always struck during those hours to sit down and write.


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