Is it enough?

I feel bad about the work I did yesterday.  I did my 3 pages of screenplay, but the whole thing took me half an hour.  It doesn’t feel like I’m putting everything into this that I could.   Thinking up what to write can be exhausting, but not so much that I put so little time each day into it.

I also had an idea for a piece of flash fiction that I spent maybe an hour or so writing.  I liked how it came out, so I submitted it to  Lately I have this idea that feels important to me.  The idea is that I feel I need to be a published writer.  It feels like in a small way that I can say, yes I do have what it takes.  I do have a voice that people want to hear.  This was the second piece I’ve sent to Quick Fiction.  The deadline is Feb. 15th and you are allowed to submit 3 stories every 6 months.  I’m hoping to come up with one more before the deadline.  It would be nice if one of them was strong enough to beat out the hundreds of others and make the magazine.

On the same short story note, the one I started last week I’ll work on more either today or tomorrow and complete the page 2 that I promised everyone.


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