Slow day

I wrote  a couple pages yesterday.  Read most of another screenplay from someone at Zoetrope.

Had a busy day of other activities yesterday and just didn’t make enough time.  Went to the DMV, grocery shopping, took the dog out for a run, just normal chores.  Watched America’s Fattest Fatties on NBC.  Entered some contests online (one of the things I do).  i could have started working more after that, it was only 11pm.  I ended up watching the movie “Catch and Release” instead.

Today I plan on working most of the day.  Now that I have groceries I have no intention of leaving the house until like 8:30 tonight to go to the gym.  For breakfast I had a thin cut ribeye (2.5oz), and a poached egg, english muffin, and coffee.  Time to get to work now!


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