I can’t remember when my last post was.  I think it was Friday night, but it somehow got logged as the next day.  I think last I wrote I had done just one page that day.  The next day I did like 5 or 6 more pages.  Saturday night my mind was stuck on a short story idea that I thought was going to be a quick flash fiction piece.  I blew past the 400 word count easily.  I ended up stopping at 1 page, but the story is not done.  So, every few days I’m going to bust out another page of that story and maybe at some point submit it somewhere.  It was actually nice as a palate cleanser to not think of the screenplay and get in a different headspace. 

I also finished reading and reviewing another screenplay at Zoetrope.  They like for you to read 8 screenplays for every one you submit.  They’ll let you submit one with out reading any, but they ask that you at least do 4 to start.  I feel like it’s only fair to read others works if I expect them to read mine and critique.  So far I’ve read 3, and started a 4th this morning.  I’ve tried to stay away from reading any books on how to write screenplays just because I don’t want to be influenced yet.  I plan to read one before submitting anywhere.  I’ve had some preconceived notions of what might be important to a screenplay.  Characters you care about, interesting scenes, transitional devices, telling the reader/viewer where you are going.  Reading other peoples screenplays I’m starting to see a lot of points where they are failing and things I have been watching for.  Hopefully I’m on the right track.

Today I start fresh with page 64.  I’m shooting for 110ish pages, so at the 3 pages a day 4 days a week I’ve planned.  I should be done in 12 days, or 3 work weeks.


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