Rounding off the week

Well, last night I didn’t do the 6 pages of writing that I had planned.  I only did one page.  I was working on a transitional scene and was really struggling with it.  One of my cats kept wanting to snuggle which he does laying between me and the keyboard.  Sometimes I can move the keyboard closer to me and lean in so he can’t get between and just scratch his ears a little and he gives up.  Not last night, he started walking on the keyboard.  Rather than have him fuck up my writing every 5 minutes I stopped.

This morning I busted out another 3 pages over a couple hours.  I felt pretty good about it, wrapped up 2 transitional scenes and one plot driven scene.  It’s funny, the planned one was harder to write than the other two.  I kept getting hung up on what to say and the tone.  It will probably get hit hard in re-writes, but it came out pretty good. 

It’s a little after 8pm and I think i’m going to work until 11pm and, then watch a movie and go to bed.


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