I’ve had this screenplay idea for the last 10 months or so and have just been really lazy about writing it.  I’ll do bits here and there, but really sporadically, months go in between updates.

I’ve finally decided  that it’s time to either do it or quit.  I’ve spent a long career doing IT work.  I don’t particularly enjoy it.  After 12 years of it, I have nothing to show for it.  Out of work and looking for entry level jobs.  So I’m clearly not succedding.  My thought now is that as long as I’m failing I might as well fail at the right thing.  The right thing being something I’m proud of.  I may write the shittiest screenplay ever, but at least I told the story I wanted to tell and I’m not any less of a failure than I already was.

I’ve always been a story teller.  As a kid I was always making up movies and scenes and playing them in my head.  As an adult I still get scene ideas all the time.  I think the current screenplay I’m doing can be a real winner.  I also have 4 ideas that I’m as equally excited to start after this.

The last couple months I’ve gotten into Creative Screenwriting Podcast with Jeff Goldsmith.  I like hearing how other writers deal with their job.  The major difference seems to be they are way more disciplined than me.  A lot of the do 4-5 hours a day of writing.  I was listening to one episode and I think this guy had a better approach that I’m going to model after.  He works 4 days a week and does 3 pages a day.  However long that takes, that’s his day.  So theoretically at 12 pages a week, this guy is writing a movie every 10 weeks.  It seems like a much more attainable goal, so I think I’m going to try it.

Last night was my first attempt and I ended up knocking out 8 pages in 2 hours.  I think one thing that might get me with this 3 pages thing is that I’ve been mulling over scenes and ideas in my head for so long and just not writing, that when I do it just flows out in a long number of pages.  We’ll see how I do tonight when I work.  From yesterday I was at 49 pages.  Which means by Valentines day I should be done and someone should be asking me how the 2nd draft is going.


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